Boodal is a trip-planning app powered by community inputs. It is geared mainly towards backpacking travellers and solo/small groups travellers.

The name itself comes from the Javanese word, budhal, which means to go/to travel. The idea for this app came when my friends and I were planning a trip together. As none of us was familiar with the destination, we were unsure how to best arrange the trip. We ended up having to go back and forth between apps, namely TripAdvisor, Google Maps, and Google, to figure out which activities/venues are near another activity/venue. We also needed a notepad and a pen to plan our budget, how to travel from each spot, and also the order of the itinerary.

Essentially, we found planning the trip to be quite a hassle which is why I came up with Boodal, a one-stop solution for those wanting to travel. Through the app, users will be able to get recommended trips other people in the community have come up with. In planning the trip, they would also be able to determine the order of their itinerary to make the trip more efficient. Through their platform activity and demographic data, Boodal will also suggest activities, venues, restaurants, and trips that they might be interested in. Furthermore, Boodal will also help users determine what documents they will need based on their nationality and destination.


Research / UX Design / UI Design / Branding


February 2022


In 2021, 90% of travellers did their holiday research online. Out of these people, 88% made all their bookings online. Furthermore, it is estimated that by 2023, 700 million people will be making their travel bookings online. This demonstrates that people are ditching traditional travel agencies, as supported by a research done by Statista in late 2021, which shows that 37% of people use online travel agencies, while only 14% use tour operators.

Through further research, it was found that the most significant problems people face when planning their trip come from deciding which places to visit and what to do when they get there. A research by also mentioned that the lack of planning tools on website makes it hard for travellers to plan using just one app, mostly resorting to using Microsoft Word/Google Docs or Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets.

After a research conducted by interviewing 5 people aged 24-33, i compiled the result in the affinity diagram shown below.


Based on the research done through interviews and secondary research, it is decided that the main objective will be to create an app where travellers could create efficient customisable trips while providing the convenience of planned trips created by tour groups.​

The secondary objective is to include these features:

  • Provide recommendations from both locals and other travellers.
  • Ensure users could find recommendations, plan their trips, and book the needed services through one platform.
  • Set up a feature where customers could compare prices and features from different providers.

Based on these findings, I created 2 personas which resemble Boodal’s potential users.


These are the wireframes for the app. It also includes the wireflow explaining how the user could add a new item to a trip.


This is Boodal's UI design.